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10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you looking to Earn Money Online? here in this post, I shared most Top 10 genuine ways to earn money online. after completely reading this post you might get some idea of how to earn money online.

Yes, I shared my genuine working method that people earning in lakhs and crore using online business. The truth is you can also start an online business. for that, you don’t need a degree and a very big huge investment* sounds good!.

My friends and knowing person asking me to “hey! Afrose can you tell me how to earn money online please“.

You don’t have any idea about what online business to start how to do. don’t worry this is why I’m creating is post. read and understand every business model I have given below.

So let’s go to the main content.

Disclaimer: This is not quick rich program, I say truly it depends on your hard work as well as your smart work you do.

Once you properly get complete knowledge about online business and implementing it with dedication and consistency with your work, you will be earning lakhs that are true.

If someone says without investment you can start your online business this is complete bullshit. but the truth is any business is without investment you can’t do a business. yes, you heard right “without investment where there it is 1000, 5000, 10,000 Rupees or maybe higher you can’t do online business”

For an online business, you must need to buy some gadgets like a laptop, a good internet connection, camera, or other software and tools to grow your online business.

Yes, like some business, you might invest, but the very least amount of investment you do. But that investment is to boost your online business.


Website Blogging is a popular way to earn money online, nowadays everyone is earning money online by doing blogging.

Blog in a website where people search for the problem and get proper solutions on the web. bloggers earn money via Google Banner Advertisement also call as google absence and Affiliate marketing, sponsor Ads. if you want to make a huge income you can start affiliate marketing as blogging.

You can start a blog in any topic niche like weight loss, muscle gain, health tips, cooking, mobile phones, computer, pet care whatever you know, you can share valuable information to readers and earn money online.

The initial investment to start is rupees 2,000 to 5,000, anyone can start blogging, Time to investment is 1-2 Hours a day. expected return in 1 year Rs 10,000 to 1Lakh Rupees per month

If you want to learn how to start a successful blog and earn money. we have posted in our blog section. we explained what is blog and blogging, how to start a blog with 8 simple steps, do check out the post. How to start a blog in 2021.

YouTube Channel

I Recommend to do Start a YouTube Channel and Earn Money for Google, Everyone watches YouTube online, I really like this method because by end of 2021, starting a youtube channel will be the easiest to make money.

If you love to share information via videos you can start a Profitable YouTube channel and earn Money.

Especially in India, where after the JIO Wave, more everyone has access to the internet, I see many students, startup businesses, and almost everyone using YouTube to their advantage.

If you not making money with blogging this is best alternative method to start YouTube channel. or both you can try.


If you have any skill, you can earn money online by doing freelancing, millions of freelancers online are earning an exponentially good amount of money by doing a job like graphics designing, video editing, photo editing, content writing, copywriting.

You have a question to how to get client to do freelancing?

There are many platforms where you can get a client from it like, fiver.com, freelauncing.com, people per hour, etc. or you can contact direct companies to offer your services.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is you provide content on social media like Instagram and Facebook and you have few followers so what happened is some companies contact you for paid promotion for their product or services on your social media profile and they pay you. for more details watch the video above.

Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is Online digital store, promote the product via social media and if the customer buys some product with your store you earn money, using this Dropshipping method million of people earning money online. if you are confused watch the video.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is another popular genuine way of earn money online. Amazon FBA is a program you can register and selling products on amazon when someone purchases your product you will earn money from amazon. for more detailed information please watch the video above you may understand better.

User Testing

User testing is a website where you give your review about website user interface issues as recorded video and send it to the company they will pay you for reviewing their website. this is call user testing. see the video to understand better.

Selling Stock Photos & Videos

You are interested in photography or videography then this earning method will help you to earn huge money, you shoot random creative photos and or videos and you can sell on an online stock photo downloading website. if someone purchases your photos or videos you will get paid. there are some website available where people buy stock images and video like Shutterstock.com, Adobe stock, freepik storyblocks, etc.

Sell E-book or Video Course Online

This is the ultimate method where you can more earn money online. If you have an expert in any of your skills, you can teach people and adding value to their life, They will purchase your E-book and Video Course you will earn money online.

in E-book you can promote in social media and or running paid ad campaign, creating a landing page, explaining details about the e-book, and if e-Book is interested people can buy.

for Video courses also promote using the same method or you can join the tutor’s program and listing your video course on there you will earn money. the popular website to sell you video course is Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare, etc.

For more detail you can search on google or YouTube.

Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is nothing but buying a unique domain name and selling on an online website, like flippa.com if you don’t have any skill but you still want to earn a Huge income this job is perfect for you. so you can earn money online in 2021

Before you start anything research on YouTube or google.


Okay! Now what next?, you after reading this post we hope you get some knowledge on how to earn money online.

No one can teach you in depth or detailed information. because you have so much to learn from it. its not to hard and the same time its not too easy.

You Just have to do is first gain complete knowledge of the business you going to start. Learn by searching YouTube, Google, Quora, Medium, or niche blog post book, Just research, Learn. and Quickly start without delay and practically implement those things, it is very important.

My success formula is Good Idea+Smart Action+Consistency= Success. Choose your business that you know you have the potential to do or interested in, start doing action with consistency you definitely get a result.

Thank you for reading this post. Share this with your friends who need to earn money online. Follow me on Instagram @afroseofficial, and Thank me later.

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